Wish List Screen Shots

On the Wish List Screen Shots page we are going to show you the different wish list views.

The first screen you are going to see is the menu when you are logged in. Note that under the 'My Account' tab there are additional options available to the logged in user.

YouCouldGetMe Menu

The second view you are going to see is the 'My Wishlist' view This is the screen used when adding gifts to your wish list. Note that the first three items can be seen by everyone, but the Sky Blades Helicopter can only be seen by 'Selected Friends and Family'.

Add Gifts To Wish List

The third view you are going to see is the 'View Wish Lists' screen. Note that this screen only shows gifts that can be seen by 'Everyone'. Also, this screen does not show which gifts have already been purchased.

View Wish Lists

The fourth view you are going to see is the 'View Friends Wish List' screen. Note here that you can see all the gifts in John Smith's wish list. You can also see which gifts you have purchased and which gifts have been purchased by someone else.

View Friends Wish List

The fifth and final view we are going to show you here is how to add 'Selected Friends and Family' to see specific gifts. This screen is from the 'Manage Select Gift items' menu option uder the 'My Account' tab.

Manage Select Gift List

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