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Recently, the website was updated to enable use on all device sizes: PC Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile Phones, on any modern browser supporting HTML5. This means you should be using a recent release of Internet Explorer (IE10 or later), Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Kindle Silk. The videos , however, were produced before this update and the screen layouts may differ slightly, but the information on using the website is still valid.

The videos will take a minute or so to download therfore there is no need to worry if the screen remains blank for a little while.


(6 minutes 21 seconds)
This video is a short introduction to using the YouCouldGetMe web site.  It covers the basics of using the Add to Wish List bookmarklet and viewing Wish Lists.  In order to get the most from your wish list we strongly recommend you watch as many of these videos as you can.

This video shows you how to add the bookmarklet to the links toolbar in Internet Explorer.

Adding Bookmarklet to Firefox

(1 minute 3 seconds)
This video shows you how to add the bookmarklet to the bookmarks toolbar in Firefox.

This video shows you how to add gifts to your wish list using the bookmarklet.   Note how, by highlighting the product name on the gift item page,  the product name, or highlighted area, will also be copied to your wish list.

This video shows you how to add gift items to your wish list without using the bookmarklet. There is no need to install the bookmarklet in order to use YouCouldGetMe.   However, as you will see from these videos, using the the bookmarklet makes adding gifts much easier.

Buying Gifts and Viewing Wish Lists

(4 minutes 30 seconds)
This video is especially useful for those wanting to buy a gift for someone who has a wish list here at YouCouldGetme. It tells you about the different options for viewing a wish list.   It tells you how to avoid buying duplicate gifts.   It tells you how to let other people know that a gift item has already been purchased.   It tells you how people viewing a wish list will know if an item has been purchased, but not know who bought what item for who.   And finally, it lets you know that this information is not available to the owner of the wish list so that the surprise element is maintained.

Getting the Most from Your Wish List

(5 minutes 51 seconds)
This video shows you how to manage your wish list and increases the probability that you will get everything you want.   It tells you to notify friends and family and where to find a sample email which you can cut and paste.   It shows you how to ensure that your wish list items are only seen by those you want to see.   This is a must see if you are creating a wish list. © Coljam Consultants Ltd 2006 - 2018 - (Page generated 26-Sep-2018)
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