Frequently Asked Questions

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How Does it work?

Just register, create your wish list, and let your friends and family know where to find your list.

We would also recommend that you take a few minutes and watch the welcome video.

You will find a number of helpful videos here.

How much does it cost?

The service is completely free.

How do I stop getting the same present from different people?

When someone views your wish list, they are able to mark that gift item as having been bought.

Your friends and Family can then see what has been bought and buy another gift from your list.

How can I still get a surprise?

You cannot see what your friends and family have purchased from your own account, nor can your friends and family see who has bought what for who. Your friends and family can only see what gifts have already been purchased from your list.

Remember, that in order to view this information that your friends and family must first register to see your list. They should also remember to mark which gifts they have purchased .

You can help by creating a fairly large list, so you will never be sure which items will be bought. Also people may use your list to get an idea of the things you like and still buy you something that you really like but did not think of.

What if I only want my husband/wife/partner to buy me certain items?

When you create your list, you can select the option ‘Only Selected Friends and Family’ for those items.

You can then select which Friends and Family can see those items.

Can I delete gifts that I no longer want?

Yes, of course, but be careful. You can certainly delete an item that you have just added and long before you are due to receive any gifts.

You should also delete items from your list after you have received these items.

However, if you have an item on your list and it is just before your birthday or Christmas, you may want to leave it there until after the event, as someone may have already bought you this item.

Can I add just favourite shops?

Yes. Create a category called ‘Favourite Shops’ and for the items just add the Name of the Shops to the Link Text, and put the web address in the URL field, and say something about what type of items you like from these shops.

Do I need to put ‘http://’ in the URL?

If you are using the bookmarklet, or you are cutting and pasting the URL then the "http://" will already be present in the URL.

If you are writing the URL manually then you should use rather than or

How do I view a Wish List?

The most simple way is to use the 'View Wish Lists' option from the main menu bar.

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