A wishlist at YouCouldGetMe.com is perfect for all occasions. You get presents that you really want and you are still are able to keep the surprise. A Merry Christmas, a Happy Birthday, a Great Wedding, or a Fabulous Baby Shower. Create your wishlist today.

Add Gifts from ANY Website

Add gifts from any website to create your own online wishlist. Each gift item you add will link back to the product page on the same website where your friends and family can view or buy the product. How to add your own pictures shows you how you can use the gift item edit feature to choose which picture you want displayed with each of your wishlist items.

Create a Wishlist Online that you Control

Advanced privacy features allow you to make your online wish list open to everyone, just friends and family, or you can even choose exactly who can see specific gifts. So for those intimate items that you want only your husband, wife or lover to buy, you can set things up so that only they can see those items. You can even add items that only you can see.

Best Online Wishlist

A wishlist that everyone can see is great, but not if everyone buys you the same gift. The best online wishlists are designed so that you actually get the gifts that you want, with no duplicates. When your friends and family sign-up they will be able to see which items on your wish list have already been purchased, so no more duplicate gifts. Nobody can see who actually bought what gift. Of course, to keep the element of surprise, you are unable to view your own wish list in this way or even see what has and has not been purchased.

Everyone needs their own Wishlist Online

A wish list online is the one place where you can tell your friends and family exactly what you really want. The one place where you can find out what your friends and family really want. You will know when you buy a gift, that it will be something that will be truly appreciated.

A Wishlist for All Occasions

It could be your birthday wishlist, your Christmas wishlist, the gift list for your wedding or your baby shower. Creating a wish list at YouCouldgetme.com is absolutely essential, it is so easy, and it is free. Sign Up today for a free online wishlist.

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